First Nations People in Canada during and before the COVID-19 Pandemic

Canada’s COVID-19 woes have continued to impact racialized and Indigenous populations more harshly than white Canadians. Through colonialist practices and exploitation of workers, there has been a slight reprieve for the most impoverished. However, socioeconomic inequalities have placed significant portions of the “essential work” back on these same communities and…

by Micah Dewey

April 20, 2021

Along with more precarious work, a faltering capitalist market economy has led to ordinary people’s sweeping collective action against established financial and political elites. Citizens of the world are organizing collectively like never before, bringing new technology into a world that previously had been closed off to…

Canadian Journalistic Feminism Through the Lense of Establishment News

April 8, 2021
By: Micah Dewey

In the article, This is the Power Gap: Explore the Investigative Series and Data by Robyn Doolittle and Chen Wang, there appears to have been a definitive decision by The Globe and Mail not to include statistics for racialized or non-gender conforming workers. Why…

A Critical Review of “The Hidden Work of Challenging Precarity” by Kiran Mirchandani & Mary Jean Hande

A Soft Position on Exploitation

In their article “The Hidden Work of Challenging Precarity,” authors Kiran Mirchandani and Mary Jean Hande explore the social and economic costs intrinsic in precarious work through the added expense of hidden work. The authors define hidden work as “feeding and caring for a family…

By Micah Dewey
February 8, 2021

The 1925 Nobel Prize in Literature winner, Irishman George Bernard Shaw, once wrote, “Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” The author of this paper will explore how this maxim has proven true to them over the last several years of…

An Analysis of the Events Leading to and Preceding the United States’ Purchase of Alaska

By Micah Dewey, University of Manitoba.

What does a D.C.-based Russian diplomat, a senator from Mississippi, a San Francisco ice salesman and an American war journalist all have in common? They were all instrumental in changing the geopolitical framing for the entirety of the late 19th and 20th Centuries. Lines…

A deep dive into the works of Leo Tolstoy

By Micah Dewey
November 20, 2020

Throughout the novella The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy, the author asks many deep philosophical questions framed in a timeless matter. Tolstoy’s conversion to Christianity influences the story through literary motifs and themes positioned in an anti-hedonist religious perspective that explicitly, within…

New Leader of the Green Party of Canada

Congratulations to Annamie Paul on being voted the next leader of the Green Party of Canada. Through my time following the campaign, it appeared that it was going to be close between Ms. Paul and Dimitri Lascaris. I was personally hoping to see Dimitri win in order to move the…

Micah Dewey

I am a Canadian Author and part time journalist who has a passion for writing stories about life-changing events and occasions.

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