by Micah Dewey

April 20, 2021

Along with more precarious work, a faltering capitalist market economy has led to ordinary people’s sweeping collective action against established financial and political elites. Citizens of the world are organizing collectively like never before, bringing new technology into a world that previously had been closed off to anyone but the most well-connected in society. Technological advancement and international cooperation could lead society into a new economic reality, thanks in part to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cryptocurrencies have advanced far beyond the horizon that Bitcoin had set in 2011, allowing for more complex, trustless services that…

Canadian Journalistic Feminism Through the Lense of Establishment News

Credit: Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives

April 8, 2021
By: Micah Dewey

In the article, This is the Power Gap: Explore the Investigative Series and Data by Robyn Doolittle and Chen Wang, there appears to have been a definitive decision by The Globe and Mail not to include statistics for racialized or non-gender conforming workers. Why did either The Globe and Mail veto the release of this information or the article’s authors chose to exclude the specified data? …

A Critical Review of “The Hidden Work of Challenging Precarity” by Kiran Mirchandani & Mary Jean Hande

Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

A Soft Position on Exploitation

In their article “The Hidden Work of Challenging Precarity,” authors Kiran Mirchandani and Mary Jean Hande explore the social and economic costs intrinsic in precarious work through the added expense of hidden work. The authors define hidden work as “feeding and caring for a family, the body labour in high touch jobs and the pecuniary, prescriptive, presentational and philanthropic facets of emotion work in workplaces.” They argue that legislative bodies and regulatory boards first need to acknowledge that hidden work is worker exploitation. Once that level of understanding is established, they recommend that worker-related legislation…

Micah Dewey
March 11, 2021

Strikers in front of Stelco in Hamilton, ON 1946

A comparison between the film Defying the Law by Marta Neilsen Hastings and the article “Canadian Unions: From Repression and Resistance to the Right to Strike’’ by Maas and Le Blanc shows how perspective can influence what the viewer or reader perceives as fundamental concerning Canadian Labour history. This paper will briefly outline the key arguments and storytelling angles within the two works, hypothesize on the intended response by both audiences and explain how or why they differ.

In her film, Hastings tells the story of the 1946 Stelco Strike through the use of personal…

By Micah Dewey
February 8, 2021

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

The 1925 Nobel Prize in Literature winner, Irishman George Bernard Shaw, once wrote, “Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” The author of this paper will explore how this maxim has proven true to them over the last several years of participating in the Manitoba labour market. “Decent work” can be defined as an opportunity for work that is productive and delivers a fair income, security in the workplace and social protection for families. In pursuit of what the UN and the ILO call “decent work,” I discovered how a good-paying…

An Analysis of the Events Leading to and Preceding the United States’ Purchase of Alaska

By Micah Dewey, University of Manitoba.

What does a D.C.-based Russian diplomat, a senator from Mississippi, a San Francisco ice salesman and an American war journalist all have in common? They were all instrumental in changing the geopolitical framing for the entirety of the late 19th and 20th Centuries. Lines on the map determine geopolitics; many of the problems we see today are based on the whims of 19th-century empires and rulers. The exploits and failures of the Russian-American Company and the overall lack of profitability led to the eventual sale of the territory to the Americans as a snub…

A deep dive into the works of Leo Tolstoy

By Micah Dewey
November 20, 2020

Leo Tolstoy

Throughout the novella The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy, the author asks many deep philosophical questions framed in a timeless matter. Tolstoy’s conversion to Christianity influences the story through literary motifs and themes positioned in an anti-hedonist religious perspective that explicitly, within the first few pages of the novella, denigrates the materialist aspirations of the bourgeois aristocracy. …

By Micah Dewey

It is, in the opinion of many opposition parties of the past and the present that the Senate should be abolished and not reformed as the Conservatives under Harper and the Liberals under Trudeau have often called for. Inherently non-democratic appointments must either be fully embraced by the public or abolished altogether. Whereas the will of the people is not consistent, as is the case related to the Canadian Senate, abolition is the only genuinely democratic outcome. However, the abolition of the Senate is nigh impossible. …

New Leader of the Green Party of Canada

GPC Leader Annamie Paul

Congratulations to Annamie Paul on being voted the next leader of the Green Party of Canada. Through my time following the campaign, it appeared that it was going to be close between Ms. Paul and Dimitri Lascaris. I was personally hoping to see Dimitri win in order to move the party further left. I understand the decision that the voters made and I will support Annamie and the party in order to gain more seats whenever the next election happens.

While I am disappointed that we do not have the leader that I and about seven thousand other greens wanted…

August 22, 2020 | Micah Dewey

My Interview With Meryam Haddad

I personally got involved in politics because I noticed how certain groups of people have been ostracized by the current Canadian Political establishment. I began my search to select a political party based on shared philosophical values, vision for a better Canada, and the leadership to move our nation forward, but also attempt to atone for the sins of our past. I came upon the Green Party of Canada, and noticed that while there were some policies and issues that I did not agree with 100%, the Greens fit my worldview the best: Climate Action…

Micah Dewey

I am a Canadian Author and part time journalist who has a passion for writing stories about life-changing events and occasions.

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